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6"-12" Long Flat / Straight Saw Toothed Cut Knife Blade - Part Number 5119

  • Long Flat / Straight Saw Toothed Cut Knife Blade
  • Overall Dimensions: 10" Long X 1.50" Wide X 0.098" Thick
  • Teeth width is 0.50", total of 20 teeth on the edge.
  • Holes are drilled upon request
  • Comes with two different grinding bevels; double bevel (40 degrees compound) or single bevel (25 degrees)
  • Made from 420 Stainless Steel with 48-50 Rockwell Hardness or D2 tool steel with 56-58 Rockwell hardness
  • Part Number 5119
  • Coated with Titanium-Nitride if requested
  • This blade can be made from a wide range of steels and carbide grades upon request.
  • Do you want this blade custom-made to your specs? Please contact us today by filling out our online form here.
  • Actual product may vary from the picture.