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Manufacturing industrial blades, machine knives, custom tools in carbide and steel with strict tolerances may be too extreme for some companies. However, at Baucor, working with these tolerances such as ±.0002" (±0.005 mm) is our everyday life. From most converting industries such as paper, plastic and food to aerospace, automative and various other industries, Baucor offers a wide range of highly durable industrial blades and custom wear resistant tools that are meant for various processes. Our well-trained and highly experienced team combined with our in-house high-tech CNC machines and equipment, we provide quality parts at the most competitive price. While we provide our customers in various industries with our quality parts, we also help R&D companies/departments develop products for their own application.

Rapid Application Development at Baucor allows our customers receive a full service of expedited production for their needs. Whether your company needs custom tools made rapidly for your direct use at your facility or you are an engineering and design company in need of immediate prototyping service for your new products, Baucor provides full-scale manufacturing and engineering for our customers who need custom tools made from Tungsten Carbide and steels in just days. Contact us today here to learn more about our capabilities and how Baucor can help you delivery exceptional quality products rapidly for your immediate needs.

At Baucor, we manufacture our blades and tools from D2 tool steel, M2 high speed steel, M4 high speed steel, 440C stainless steel, 440B stainless steel, spring steels such as 1095 and 1075, various tungsten carbide grades, particular metallurgy steels such as CPM 10V, CPM 9V, and CPM M4. We have the capability to manufacture our knives completely with wire EDM (Electric Discharge Machining). Our in-house TiN coating will also make your knives and tools last even longer. Let Baucor help you get the best quality part at a competitive price within a very short lead time. Our expertise is our capability to manufacture quality custom tool at a competitive price within a short delivery time. Please contact us here to get a quote. Baucor uses a wide variety of high quality materials to manufacture machine knives, industrial blades and custom tools. No matter what industry you are in, we can craft the best blades and tools made from high quality materials carefully selected for your application. If you need an advice on what material should be used for your new parts, we can help you select the right material to get the most performance out of your industrial knives and tools. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save money and time and get longer-lasting product.

Also for help on choosing the right material, please click here to go to the materials page.

*** Please download our tolerance sheet here. This file shows tightest tolerances we can hold as well as regular tolerances we use unless otherwise requested.