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384mm Long Perforating Blade - Part Number 61435

  • 384mm Long Perforating Blade
  • Overall Dimensions: 384mm long x 25.5mm Wide x 1.2mm Thick (at the body) and 0.3mm thick (at the cutting edge)
  • Space between two teeth is 2.3mm
  • Each tooth is 9.5mm high
  • Single bevel cutting edge
  • Holes and slots are drilled on demand
  • Made from tool steels, stainless steels and spring steels
  • Part Number 61435
  • This blade can be made from a wide range of steels and carbide grades upon request.
  • Do you want this blade custom-made to your specs? Please contact us today by filling out our online form here.
  • Actual product may vary from the picture.