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Critical Part Management - Stock Programs by Baucor

We take great pride in BAUCOR blades and we believe that we can help you further with the best stocking options.

Just like many of our customers who are happily already enrolledin, we highly encourage your company to take advantage of ourCPM program. It is absolutely a mind relief.

If you can also forward our email to corporate purchasingdepartment, maintenance department (if one is available),and engineering department, we really appreciate it.

What is CPM?

Because you already buy one or more types of industrial blades from BAUCOR on a regular basis, we would be more than happy to make your other blades that you possibly buy from other source(s). We have a program for customers like you and it is called “CPM” which stands for “Critical Part Management.”

The reason we called it Critical Part is because blades must be manufactured to high precision, and lack of sufficient amount in stock can lead to extremely costly downtimes. Sometimes your entire fee may ae be dependent on a tiny blade. That’s why blades are called Critical Part in many industries.

If you can provide preferably a technical drawing of each blade or perhaps sample of these blades you source from other companies, we'd be happy to send you a quote so you can compare BAUCOR quality.

What We Are Offering?

  • Using this program, we manufacture one sample of each of your blades currently in use and it is for free of charge.

  • If you would like to proceed with a blanket urchase order, we make and stock them or you. Based on your demand, we deliver them to you just-in-time.

  • The quality of the each batch will be exactly the same and straight forward.

  • We can take the hassle out of your shoulders by providing free samples, better pricing, great stocking options that ensure just-in-time delivery to your facility.