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Custom Medical Blades

What are medical blades?

Medical blades come in various shapes and sizes and are used for various procedures, including surgery, diagnostic testing, and tissue sampling. 

Custom medical blades are blades that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of a particular medical application. 

Custom medical blades are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or tungsten carbide. They may be coated with a material such as diamond to improve their wear resistance.

Baucor offers several types of medical blades, including:

  • surgical blades
  • medical knives
  • custom scalpels
  • medical saw blades

* Sometimes the term "medical blade" is used interchangeably with the term "surgical blade".

Baucor is a leading manufacturer of custom-made surgical blades and medical knives designed to cater to the unique requirements of a wide variety of surgeries precisely. We collaborate closely with surgeons, medical device engineers, and industry partners to understand the specific requirements for blades that meet the unique needs of our clients. We use our knowledge and ability to deliver tailored solutions that result in unparalleled satisfaction and success.

What medical specialties does Baucor manufacture blades for?

Baucor produces a diverse range of customized surgical blades and saws specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a wide range of medical applications. The individual types of blades available may differ based on the specific requirements of each surgery.

Please click on each link to see how Baucor contribues to the advancements in these medical fields with its groundbreaking cutting tools:




Advantages of using custom medical blades

There are many advantages of using custom blades:

  • Increased precision:
    Most medical procedures require precision, and custom medical blades can be made to very tight tolerances, which is especially important in procedures where tissue must be removed with minor damage to the surrounding area.

  • Reduced risk of contamination:
    Custom medical blades such as stainless steel can be made from materials resistant to contamination. It helps reducing the risk of infection by providing a surface that is less likely to harbor bacteria.

  • Improved performance:
    Custom-made medical blades are designed to satisfy the particular requirements of a medical application, which can lead to better performance than standard blades.

  • Increased safety:
    Custom medical blades are designed with safety and patient comfort in mind. They can be made with features such as rounded edges to minimize the risk of injury to the patient. Some custom medical blades are even designed to be used with special electronic devices that help the doctor or surgeon guide the blade more precisely.

How are custom medical blades manufactured?

  • Designing:
    The first step is to design the blade according to the client's specific need, which is done using CAD (computer-aided design) software. This step is essential because it ensures that the blade meets the client's needs. 

  • Cutting:
    After the blade has been designed, it is sent to a CNC (computer numeric control) machine, which cuts the blade's blank to the desired specifications.
    Other cutting operations might include CNC machining, EDM, and Die casting.

  • Heating:
    Next, the blade is put through a heat treatment process to harden the metal and make it more durable. This process involves heating the metal to a high temperature and cooling it quickly. It helps to improve the strength and hardness of the metal so that it can better withstand wear and tear.

  • Sharpening:
    Once the blade's blank is heat-treated, it is sharpened to remove any imperfections. And it undergoes a grinding process to refine and make the blade sharper. 

  • Coating:
    Finally, the blade tips are coated to improve their resistance to wear and corrosion. The most used materials for coating are chromium and tungsten.