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Food Processing Blades

Food Processing Blades

Food processing blades or as some call food processing knives are used for cutting operations such as chopping, slicing, dicing, peeling. Selecting the correct stainless steel type for food cutting operation is extremely important in food processing due to the acidic nature of food leading to faster wear of the steel, and potentially leading to contamination of the food with the oxidation build-up on the blade surface.


Baucor manufactures precision quality custom and standard size food processing knives and food cutting blades from high grade ground hardened stainless steels for food processing industries including fresh, dry fruit & vegetable processing, meat and poultry processing, seafood processing, bakery including croissant, cake and bakery for applications like cutting, slicing, dicing and many others. Our food processing knives and blades are for all food processing applications imaginable including but not limited to slicing, cross cutting, die cutting, guillotine cutting, press cutting. Our food processing knives and blades come in straight, circular, pointed tip, toothed, serrated, scalloped, perforated shapes and as interlocked blades for guillotine cutting. One of our specialties is to manufacture any type and shape of custom food processing knife without limits. If you have a drawing, sketch or written specifications for the blade you need, please contact us now for a quick quote. We can even design a specific blade for your application.

We are the Experts in Manufacturing Custom Food Processing Knives and Blades

We are highly specialized in manufacturing custom food processing knives and blades per sample and drawing. If you need your blades manufactured to your exact requirements, please contact us now get to a free quote. If you have a drawing, sketch or written specifications for the blade you need, please let us know.


Please check below some of the food processing knives and food cutting blades that we regularly manufacture for food processing industries.

If you don't see here what you are looking for, please note that we have more standard size knives and blades available from stock not listed here and can be shipped out to our customers worldwide.

BAUCOR® has three main offices located in California - USA, London - United Kingdom, and Mannheim - Germany to reach and serve our customers globally. We design, engineer, and produce precision industrial blades, machine knives, custom tools manufactured to exact specifications. 

We also supply thousands of in-stock BAUCOR® industrial blades and machine knives from these locations.

Contact our experienced sales engineers in one of our offices conveniently located in California, UK, and Germany to discuss your needs. 

Please contact us today filling out our online form here to ask about specific size and models and an extensive list of standard in-stock industrial blades and machine knives. If you have a drawing, sample or your desired specifications for a custom blade you need manufactured, please send them using our our online form here.

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