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Surgical Blades & Medical Knives

Vector Medical (part of NORCK INC DBA BAUCOR) is a world-wide manufacturer and supplier of premium quality surgical blades, medical knives, custom scalpels, medical saw blades and their assemblies for all medical specialties and applications including general surgery, orthopedic, breast biopsy, cardiovascular, endoscopic, neurology, and ophthalmic. Our precision surgical blades and scalpels are manufactured from a wide range of 300 and 400 series medical grade stainless steels. We also offer material analysis and selection for our customers based on their requirements. Our customers seeking advice on material selection are also provided with in-depth material analysis specifically designed for their surgical needs. 

For over four decades, Baucor manufactures and supplies highly durable custom blades and knives including  surgical blades, medical knives, custom scalpels, medical saw blades and their assemblies for medical device companies looking for a reliable suppliers. With our well-trained and highly experienced team combined with our in-house high-tech CNC, precision Wire EDM and laser cutting machineries, we provide quality custom surgical blades & medical knives for medical device companies.
Contact Vector Medical today here to learn more about our capabilities and how  Vector Medical can help you delivery exceptional quality products rapidly made for your immediate needs.